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THE UNIVERSITY Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut was established in 1966 to cater to the ever-growing needs of higher education in Western Uttar Pradesh, which occupied foremost position in Social, Agricultural and Political fields. The University has been named after Chaudhary Charan Singh, former Prime Minister of India who hailed from this part of the country and was closely associated with the aspiration of the area. The University which is one of the most prominent affiliating University of the Country (A NAAC Accredited B+ University), having 192 affiliated Colleges/Colleges imparting higher and technical education to more than three lakh students in different fields of Arts, Science, Commerce, Education, Hotel Management, Medicine, Management, Computer Science, Physical Education, Para Medical, Law and Engineering. It is spread over 219 acres of land and is now taking an excellent shape under the beautification plan of the University.

With the needs of changing times and keeping in view the requirements of modern Industry and business, the University has introduced different types of professional courses so that the students may avail more and more employment opportunities. Keeping in view the requirement of the teachers in Nation the University affiliated more than 158 Teacher Education Institutions (B. Ed. Colleges).


About the Management "Ram Nath Memorial Trust Society" was founded in 1999 with the prime objectives of providing excellent educational facilities and quality education to the students who have an aptitude for the same. Keeping up with the objective R. N. College of Modern Management Education & Research Centre at Meerut was founded in the same year. Keeping in view the crucial need of quality education, academic and professional both in the urban and as well as rural areas, R. N. COLLEGE at HASTINAPUR was founded in the year 2004.

During the current era of information Explosion College commitment is to tap every piece of information for creating excellence. Our ornaments include well-qualified faculty, fully equipped library resource and modern laboratories for attainment of this goal. We believe in the innovative synthesis of theoretical and practical knowledge and in creating competent, professional and also good citizens.

About the College The College has been affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut since 2004-05 and runs on the guidelines and aims at excellence in academic as well as job oriented courses. At present it provides B. Ed. Course, which is approved by NCTE and Government of India. The College has also applied for many other degrees oriented courses, such as B.P.Ed. (one year) and B.A. (3 years) etc.

Location The college is situated in the heart of Hastinapur, the city rich in its cultural heritage. On one hand the city witnessed the grand Mahabharata era and on the other hand it is considered extremely pious and holy land by the Jains. It is said that 3 Trithankars of Jain Dharma visited Hastinapur.

The college is located in front of the famous Pandeshwar Mandir, 700 meters from the beautiful Jambudweep and hardly 200 meters from the bus stop and 100 meters from Ashtapad Mandir.

Campus The magnificent campus with its lush green, environment friendly surroundings covers the Academic and Administrative block speed over an area of 24000 sq. m. or 2.4 hectares.

The College building is specially designed and is a perfect setting for providing an ideal environment for the intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of the students or in other words cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of students.

Library The college has a well-stocked library with latest text and references books by Indian and foreign authors. In addition library subscribes many newspapers, magazines, journals and periodicals published by NCTE, NCERT, A.I.U. and other educational & professional organizations

Laboratories The college has well-maintained laboratories. It has sufficient Computers for each student to get acquainted with required skills. The laboratories for B. Ed. Like educational technology, science, social studies, work experience etc. are well equipped and maintained professionally.

OUR GOALS To work towards making a better world by transforming pupils into ideal human beings. Our initiative is to facilitate changes such as: -

        - from teacher oriented to resource oriented

        - from broad to selected

        - from class room performance to work place performance

        - from isolated to networked

        - from unidirectional to multidirectional

Our endeavor is to instill in students the sense of responsibility and initiative to become useful members of the society and that can play a very important role in the process of nation building.

COURSE OFFERED                

        - B. Ed. (Bachelor Of Education)

        - M.Ed (Masters Of Education)

        - B.PEd. (Eduaction)     


Fee structure fixed by University and Government will be followed the fees and other charges paid at the time of admission or during the course are not refundable.

Nothing is more purifying as knowledge.

The faculty stands to provide full opportunity to their students to acquire complete knowledge of their consciousness and live in the full potential of its bliss, freedom and fulfillment.

Principal and Director are the Academic and Administrative heads of the college. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified, matured, dedicated and experienced faculties who have the necessary commitment, values, attributes and aptitude to work in this college. The College also has a galaxy of visiting faculty consisting of academic and other scholars who share their experience with our students.

Co-Curricular and Extra curricular activities From time to time various activities are held in the College and the students are encouraged to participate in these activities, such as:

· Seminars and Group discussions.
· Guest Lectures of prominent personalities in the field of education.
· Workshops
· Field trips
· Community work
· Cultural activities
· Quiz
· Debates
· Sports meet
· Yoga

Identity Cards Identity Cards (ID Cards) will be issued to all the students after admission. The card will be valid only if it is duly signed by the Principal & Director with his seal. The student will be allowed to enter the College premises only on production of his/her card. In case card is lost, a duplicate identity card can be issued on the prescribed payment -.

     Important directions for students

This prospectus provides all necessary information you need as a student of the College. You are therefore advised to keep the prospectus till you complete your academic year. Avoid unnecessary correspondence about the details already available in this prospectus.

A separate original duly filled application form on the prescribed proforma is to be submitted for the course.

All particulars in the application form must be written carefully and legibly by the candidate in his/her own handwriting. Incomplete application form will be summarily be rejected.

The applicant should submit all required documents in support of his/her application form.

After admission the student need to get the I-Card made signed and attested by the Principal & Director. Students are to carry the I-cards with them when inside the college premises.

If any wrong information is furnished by the candidate in his/her application form and the same is detected even after admission, the admission shall be cancelled at the cost & risk of the candidate, meaning thereby, that all admissions shall be made provisionally in the first instance & the University/College reserves the right to cancel the admission.

Candidates shall bide by the rules and regulations in force and those that may be issued by the University/College from time to time.

False declaration of Age, Qualification etc, by the candidate will disqualify his/her admission to the College.

Attendance: 75 percent attendance, according to university rules is a must; students with less attendance will not be allowed to sit in the final examination.

Students are instructed to maintain discipline in the college, failing which they may have to face disciplinary action against them such as suspension, expulsion or restriction from the College. Principal/Director’s verdict will be considered final in this respect.

Any change of address should be intimated to the College. However it may be noted that any change of address in the middle of the academic year will cause unnecessary delay or loss in the postal transit.

Original certificates of the students may be verified/checked by the University/College at any time. However students should submit all the certificates duly attested by the competent authority. They should produce the original documents whenever demanded.

Transfer Certificate (TC) and Character Certificate (CC) will be issued to the students on the production of relevant certificates.

Note:-  The statement set forth in this prospects are for informative purpose only. The managing committee and Director/   Principal reserves the right to change any provision without any notice