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Principal's Message

'Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes' In this modern era, with rapid changes in technology and the accelerated pace of privatization and liberalization, education has become a dynamic phenomenon that encompasses a bit of every aspect of life.

Globalization and industrialization have raised social demand in general and individual expectation or aspiration in particular to an extent that it caused neck to neck competition in every field of life. But it has created a new and disturbing sense of uncertaininty about the future in much of both parents and students. Teacher education should thus respond meaningfully and effectively to address this academies burning issue.

The R.N. College possesses a vision and passion that aims at going beyond the conventional confines of the existing education system especially teaches education.

In present scenario we can just not afford to be ignorant if we wish to match steps with the best in the world. Thus a whole new approach and sensibility is required if one is undertaking the onus of shaping the life of future teachers and thus the future citizens of the nation.

R.N.College stands committed to contribute everything by grooming the future citizens of our great nation that they become fit and responsible to emerge as torch of progress to overall superiority.

Dr. Ram Sewak Singh