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8th Year of Excellence

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National Seminar Held on 25-26 June 2011

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National Seminar Held on 26-27 June 2010

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National Seminar held on , 29th-30th March 2008

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Chairperson's Message

'Today we are living in learning society, such learning place through institutional programs institute colleges & universities and also through open school's.

R.N.C (R.N.CNSTITUE OF MODERN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION & RESEARCH CENTRE) is a multi - dimensional combination of Industrialists, educationalists and professionals of various fields like Management , Engineering, Medicines, Education, and IT etc.

R.N.C is created to launch fellow professionals in today's education trade , industry & commerce . Initiative, competence, confidence, quality assurance & technological innovations are the watchword of R .N . I . We address itself to develop fellow professional to the expectations of corporate world.

During the current era of information explosion, R.N.C commitment is to tap every piece of information for creating excellence. The state of art infrastructure at R.N.C Facilities future professionals in various fields i.e. Management, IT & teaching profession to cope with the current needs of the society. Our armaments include well-qualified faculty, fully equipped library resources and modern computer lab for attainment of this goal.

We invite all who share our vision of making India a develop nation. We together can definitely start making changes

Dr. P.N. Singhal
M.Com. , Ph.D
Chairperson & Honorable Secretary